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Baal Jacket Patch Set

Baal Jacket Patch Set

£25.50 Regular Price
£22.95Sale Price

**Please note, this listing is for the patches used on the jacket only, not for the jacket itself**

Baal patch set, featuring the 7 patches and 1 back patch pictured.

Loosely inspired by the fallen angel and demon Baal (Ba'al or Bael), one of the seven princes of Hell in Christian demonology with 66 legions of demons under his command. Baal appears in demonological grimoires, sometimes depicted as a horned king, sometimes a soldier, or with many heads

Baal was either compared to Satan or considered his main assistant. According to Francis Barrett, he has the power to make those who invoke him invisible, and to some other demonologists his power is stronger in October. According to some sources, he can make people wise, speaks hoarsely, and carries ashes in his pocket.

This jacket kit will give you all the patches you need to create the Baal back piece. Just add to your own jacket! You can replicate the layout exactly as pictured, or get creative with placements.

These can be hand stitched, machine stitched or you can use a double-sided iron-on adhesive such as Bondaweb or Wondaweb.

**All kits are at least 25% cheaper than buying each patch individually**

Each Beelzebub Set contains:

1 x skull patch: 15cm x 20cm - 6" x 8 " approx

1 x mirrored pair of 2 long bone patches: each patch 29cm x 6cm - 11.5" x 2.5" approx

1 x rib cage back patch: 30cm x 27cm - 12" x 10.5" approx

2 x horn patch: each horn patch is: 15cm x 10cm - 6" x 4" approx

2 x dagger patches: 12cm x 31cm - 4.5" x 12.5" approx

All patches are:
Screen printed sew on patches
White on black cotton
Hand printed and cut
Printed with professional textiles ink and wash safe (hand wash only. Never machine wash or tumble dry).


All my patches are printed on quality cotton (the weight of material used for a dress shirt), not canvas. My patches are hand printed and hand cut so expect variations in the cut edges. When I sew on my patches I like a frayed edge but for a neat edge you can fold the edges under when sewing.

Most patches will be folded to post, so just run an iron over it when it arrives.


Free shipping on additional patches!




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