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Iron Nails Large - Pack of 3

Iron Nails Large - Pack of 3


Traditionally hand forged, English square cut iron nails - Sometimes also called rose head nails.


Lovely curios, each unique around 7cm/3inches long. You will recieve 3 nails.


Iron is equated with blood and life force in many traditions, so iron is considered to be the blood or life-force of the Earth. Regarded as a good luck charm, iron nails are especially good at keeping away evil spirits and entities. In English folk magic hammering three nails into lintel or above the door of your home gives protection against evil spirits. They were also used in other protection spells, added to protective pouches or bottle spells.


Please note these come with a protective oil coating to prevent rust, so may need cleaning if they are going to come into contact with materials that would stain.

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